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Type your text into the textbox

Type your text

Simply type your text into the text box or choose a text file to start converting.

Choose your favorite voice and click synthesize

Choose your voice

Choose your favorite voice and click synthesize, then click play to hear the output.

Download your voice as a mp3 file

Download as mp3

Once you are satisfied with the output, click download to download the output as a mp3 file.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Speech synthesis - also called text-to-speech, or TTS is an artificial simulation of the human voice by computers. Speech synthesizers take written words and turn them into spoken language.

Text to Speech or TTS is an AI based technology that allows us to convert text to speech, first by determining what to say, and then analyzes the text to determine how to say each word based on context. The same written text can have multiple meanings and pronunciations, so the TTS Technology has to figure out what it’s going to say to prevent mistakes and reduce ambiguity in the output.

Text to speech tool is ideal for mainstream primary and secondary classrooms, it is also suitable for people of any age who are vision impaired. It is very helpful for struggling writers. Any text that is produced can be voiced. Written content can be typed directly into this tool from the keyboard, external programmable keyboard, and onscreen keyboards (e.g. used with eye gaze systems) or with mini or adapted keyboards to accommodate users with physical needs.

We have launched Free Text to Speech for users to use for free, meaning there will be no charge for using the service and users can enjoy converting text to voice while this tool is live and running. Users can use the service for educational or commercial purposes without any issues, wether you want to use it for your Presentation videos, Sales and Social Media videos, E-learning Materials, users are allowed to use it fot these usecases while they are not abusing the service.

YES, you can use text to speech for your YouTube videos, it is completely legal, as long as the voice you are using is copyright free.

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